For thousands of years, the tulip has captivated the minds and hearts of people across the globe. Originating from the East, this emblem of spring has journeyed far and wide, splashing landscapes with vibrant colors and joy. Each year, millions are drawn to parks, gardens, festivals, and farms globally—all united by their admiration for this exquisite flower. In fact, the tulip’s universal appeal transcends cultural barriers, forging connections among people worldwide.

Join us at the 9th World Tulip Summit in October 2024, a premier event dedicated to enhancing the tulip visitor experience and developing innovative promotion strategies. Here, you’ll gain invaluable insights, fresh ideas, and new contacts, empowering you to elevate your tulip attractions and visitor engagement. Join us to discover how tulips can brighten your landscape and boost local tourism.

Who Should Attend?

The World Tulip Summit is designed for executive directors and managers at gardens, parks, festivals, and farms, particularly those focusing on horticulture and marketing.

Tourism Boards keen on exploring the positive impacts of tulip tourism on local communities and economies will find this summit particularly beneficial.